​​​​​​​Yielding Assets Platform

We serve our clients with a medium-to-long term view to value creation. We look for income-producing products that offer high security of principal and a predictable and secure regular income stream with the right level of diversification. In early 2012, we launched the Yielding Assets Platform and since then, we have identified and advised on real estate assets that offer an attractive monthly income stream and security of principal in the UK, US and Europe.

The Yielding Assets Platform is a core and ongoing business line that transacts on an asset-by-asset basis, in major global markets that provide legal and tax transparency and protections.  It aims to deliver:

  • A monthly income equating to an annual yield of 7.5% - 8.5% net of taxes and fees
  • An IRR of 11%-13%, net of taxes and fees
  • A conservative loan-to-value target of 50% - 65%
  • A projected holding period of 3 to 5 years
  • An on-going advisory service on the property
  • A pro-active management of the property for value creation
  • An alignment of interest wherein AFG and senior employees hold a minimum equity investment throughout the investment period
The following transactions under the Yielding Assets Platform were arranged and advised on by Arzan Wealth, from 2012 to date.: 
  • Purchase of warehouse let to Siemens in Lincoln, UK in November 2012.
  • Acquisition of distribution hub for L’Oreal in Nottingham, UK in Dec 2012;  sold in June 2014 at a Net IRR of 16.6%.
  • Acquisition of The Green – a brand new student housing facility within the University of Bradford, UK in June 2013.
  • Purchase of Crossley Retail Park – Kidderminster, UK in November 2013.
  • Acquisition of VW Car Parts Warehouse in North Hessen, Germany in December 2014 (signed in May 2014).
  • Purchase of Class A Headquarter office Building of Continental Automotive Systems Inc. in Deer Park, Chicago, USA in August 2014.
  • Purchase of modern warehouse and offices for Onninen AS, Oslo, Norway  in November 2014.
  • Purchase of global headquarters building of Lenovo’s Enterprise Server Division at Research Triangle Park, in Raleigh North Carolina, USA in February 2015.
  • Purchase of a newly built high quality office building fully let to Siemens Netherlands NV in June 2015.
  • Acquisition of a newly refurbished downtown retail park in Krefeld, Germany In October 2015.
  • Acquisition of a newly built, high quality office HQ building fully let to Centrica Norway Ltd. (“Centrica Energy” ) in Stavanger, Norway in December 2015.
  • Purchase of a newly constructed multitenant retail property in Crawley, UK in January 2016.
  • Purchase of a newly built-to-suit North American Headquarters building for Saint-Gobain at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA in February 2016 .
  • Purchase of a newly built, high quality office building fully let to Heerema Marine Contractors located at Leiden, The Netherlands in 21 June 2016.​
  • Purchase of a Global Research And Testing Laboratory Campus let to Pharmaceutical Product Development at Madison, Wisconsin, USA in 21 March 2017.
  • Purchase of Grade A Single Tenant Portfolio let to 6 single-tenant net leased buildings across 6 States in the USA in 26 June 2017​.​ ​​​
  • Purchase of Class A office building fully let to the Netherlands Org​anization for Scientific Research, (NWO) at The Hague, The Netherlands in 31st October 2017​​. ​​​​​
  • Purchase of a portfolio of four state-of-the-art micro-hospitals and medical office buildings let to a joint venture between INTEGRIS Health and Emerus Holdings, throughout Oklahoma City, USA in 31st December 2018.
  • purchase of a portfolio of three newly refurbished office buildings ( The Quarter Office Buildings) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 12 April 2019. ​
​ ​​​​ ​ ​​​​

The Real Estate Debt Platform

Arzan Wealth entered the real estate debt space in 2017, as part of its efforts to respond to changing to market conditions and to meet investors' needs for a low risk profile and predictable cash flow stream. The Real Estate Debt strategy can enhance portfolio performance by adding senior and mezzanine debt investments to a real estate equity portfolio.  In December 2017, Arzan Wealth developed and executed the first amortizing mezzanine loan in the US, in a unique certificate structure called REILS. Arzan Wealth has the exclusive rights for the REILS structure in the Middle East, while the exclusivity extends globally if the REILS is offered in a Sharia compliant ma nner. The REILS structure is an example of how Arzan Wealth is continually trying to innovate and offer clients superior risk adjusted returns, with a prime focus on safety and regular income. In addition to the REILS, we continue to identify and advise on other senior and mezzanine opportunities in the US and believe that real estate debt should play a role in any portfolio of investments focused on an attractive income stream and enhanced risk-adjusted returns.

The following transactions under the Real Estate Platform were arranged and advised on by Arzan Wealth, from 2017 to date.​

  • Mezzanine Opportunity - Property Development Certificate to finance the acquisition of a Multifamily Portfolio in Jackson, Mississippi, USA. In 20th December 2017.​​
  • Mezzanine Opportunity –Real Estate Index Linked Securities (“REILS”) to finance the acquisition of a Multifamily Portfolio  in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. In 13th April 2018.​​
  • Senior secured loan to Bluejack National Project, owner of a premier luxury-lifestyle community in Houston, USA. in 17th December 2018​​​.

For more information please visit:http://www.arzanwealth.com/Pages/reils.aspx​

Opportunistic Assets Platform
Arzan Wealth will occasionally arrange and advise on opportunistic deals that offer the potential for significant capital appreciation, for those clients who prioritize capital growth over safety and a regular income stream.  Despite the larger risk appetite of such clients, Arzan Wealth will always endeavor to deliver a superior risk-adjusted return, through careful market selection, careful strategy design and diligent ongoing advice.

Portfolio Advisory Services

Arzan advises clients on their proprietary book investments. We are constantly working on enhancing value and cash flow generation from the prop books of our clients such as AFG, while also reducing the risk profile of the overall portfolio.

Bespoke Client Assignments

In response to client requests, Arzan Wealth is able to tailor-make solutions or advice to the specific needs of a particular client, or a potential tranche of similar clients. Examples of such assignments, either executed, ongoing or have been considered are: Private equity opportunities within defensive sectors such as healthcare and education; Venture capital into MENA-focused technology companies; Creation of a residential search and management business for HNWI's looking to global markets; Development and refurbishment of real estate in major, mature markets; Real estate based businesses in Middle East Region and Africa; Sourcing and acquisition of specific core property assets for HNW families, for legacy ownership

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