Consumer Credit

Arzan has designed consumer credit services to enable customers to purchase automobiles, marine equipment, education, medical treatment, furniture, electronics and other durable goods. Arzan also provides Cash loan facility to meet any other unforeseen requirements of its customers. The consumer financing is customized as per the individual customer requirements up to KD 15,000 which could be repaid in the form of affordable Equal Monthly Payments for a maximum tenor of five (5) years.
Installment Credit

This type of credit facility is developed to meet financing requirements of individuals which are greater in magnitude and/or need for larger duration mainly for buying a house or refurbishment requirements. Customers can be granted financing up to KD 70,000 with a maximum tenor of fifteen (15) years.
Commercial Credit

Arzan has stepped up its facilities to include the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector in order to fill the funding gap in this segment. It provides credit facilities to help its clients in obtaining a suitable financing for a working capital, fixed assets as well business expansion.
Insurance Brokerage

It is a sub-division that has increased its activities during the past year to serve its car financing customers and all types of coverages by arranging best deals of comprehensive insurance policies and road side warranty services.

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