​​​​​​Arzan Wealth (DIFC) Limited was incorporated in March 2013, by Arzan Financial Group for Financing & Investment KPSC (AFG) as its 100% owned subsidiary in Dubai.
Arzan Wealth's current line of  business was started in 2011 in Kuwait, and has quickly established itself as a leading advisor to regional clients, especially in the arrangement of income-producing products that offer high security of principal and a predictable and secure regular income stream. In early 2013, AFG spun off the business into a DFSA regulated firm.
At Arzan Wealth, we serve our clients with a medium-to-long term view to value creation. Arzan Wealth  advises various clients on real estate, private equity and development investments worth a total of USD 1.40 billion across the GCC, United Kingdom, Europe and the United States of America. We provide our clients with advice on assets with low correlation to capital markets and that offer higher risk-adjusted returns, stable income and an appropriate level of diversification.
Operations of the Company can be divided into four major revenue generating lines of business:

  1. Yielding Assets Platform
  2. Opportunistic Assets Platform
  3. Portfolio Advisory Services
  4. Bespoke Client Assignments

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